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Spectral Text: Ghost Hunting by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, ft. Michael J. Friedman

Hello, friends!

By now, I’ve discussed a lot of different aspects of the paranormal. Television, locations, and even equipment have all been mentioned at some point or another in my posts. One part I’ve failed to mention thus far, however, is that of books. Yes, actual books.

I have read my fair share of books about the paranormal, and I felt like I should share some of my favorites with you! I’ll be making a couple posts about different books I’ve read and recommend.

SO, firstly, I would like to tell you about one of the first ghostly books I picked up: Ghost Hunting by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, with Michael Jan Friedman.


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Paranormal TV: What Else to Watch

Thus far, the only paranormal television program that I’ve really mentioned on here is Ghost Hunters; mostly because of its nearness and dearness to my heart. But what about the others? Television is host to a plethora of different shows, ranging from ghost hunting, to crpytozoology, and everything else in between. Some of these have also been around as long or even longer than Ghost Hunters, and have captured evidence that even surpasses that of GH. Some are definitely worth watching, if not purely just for entertainment’s sake. This isn’t a “definitive ranking,” but rather a list of shows I feel deserve to be checked out.

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Who – or What – the Heck is Shadow Activity?

Ghosts and spirits attempt to manifest themselves in various ways. Noises, temperature fluctuations, and electromagnetic disturbances are all common paranormal manifestations. Visually, it is often very difficult to catch a spirit. Apparitions are few and far between, and orbs are often discredited. One slightly more common visual phenomenon, however, is that of “shadow spirits,” or “shadow people.” If you claim to live in a haunted house or have seen something at a ‘haunted’ location, you have more than likely encountered one of these shadowy entities… Continue reading Who – or What – the Heck is Shadow Activity?

A Definitive Ranking of the Best Ghost Hunters Episodes Ever

I have mentioned many a time in the past that Ghost Hunters is my all-time favorite television show, and it’s the reason why I even got into the paranormal field at all. After ten years and nearly ten seasons, Ghost Hunters has yielded some of the best paranormal findings ever recorded. They’ve visited hundreds of infamous locations all over the world, and have continued to amaze the viewing public with their discoveries.

For my list of “The Best Ghost Hunters Episodes Ever,” I will be listing my top-ten favorites over the past ten years. Many of them come from the same seasons, and please keep in mind that these are all entirely my own opinion. You are more than welcome to think otherwise.

So, without further ado, from bottom to top:

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Destination Hauntings: Leap Castle, Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves on this lovely holiday (even though it’s a Monday).

Since it is St. Patrick’s Day, and I am primarily Irish, I figured I would tell you lovelies about one of the most fascinating haunted locations in the world: Leap (pronounced “lep”) Castle in Ireland! (It’s a bit far from Philadelphia, but in honor of the holiday I felt it necessary to write about…)

Leap Castle in Ireland
Leap Castle in Ireland


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Lights, Camera, Ghosts?

Ghost hunting had once been an obscure field of interest. There were few who regularly did it, and those who did kept it to just a side hobby to do on a random night. Commercially, there were maybe only a few books published and some horror flicks that were “based on a true story.”

Over the last ten years, this interest has exploded in popularity thanks to the always-influential media of television. Now, if you are to say that you “enjoy ghost hunting” in your spare time, people will still find it “so cool,” but generally now people have at least an inkling of what that entails, whereas prior to circa 2003-2004, you would typically be bombarded with hoards of questions.

This explosion in popularity is due mostly in part to television shows such  as Ghost Hunters on Syfy, Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel, and the like. These shows have had a major influence on how the paranormal field is perceived, and how the mass public reacts to it. But are these influences ultimately good? Can we truly trust what these shows are putting out there? Continue reading Lights, Camera, Ghosts?

What’s Happening: Eastern State Penitentiary

My dear readers:

As a member at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia (which is one of my favorite places on Earth), I am constantly in-the-know and up-to-date with anything happening at the site. This morning, I received the monthly E-Newsletter, letting me know what’s currently happening there. This month, there are a few things going on…

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA
Instagram: @vivalamaggs


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Haunted Philadelphia: Fort Mifflin

The Philadelphia area is rich in history, laying claim to many famous and old sites. In addition to their historical value, many of these places are also well-known haunted hot spots. One of these, Fort Mifflin, has become significantly more popular of the last few years…

Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA


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Top Ghost Hunting “Secrets”

Many people think that they are capable of being ghost hunters. This, however, is usually not the case. People think they’re capable of it just because it’s made to look so simple to do on all of the different TV programs there are. A majority of the time, novice ghost hunters will go into an investigation and do everything to turn the spirit off to them; so, even if a location is legitimately haunted, they won’t capture any substantial evidence due to lack of proper investigating.

In early January of this year, Grant Wilson, an acclaimed ghost hunter, bestselling author, co-founder of the world-renowned paranormal group “TAPS,” and former original cast member of the television show “Ghost Hunters,” posted on his website the “Top Ghost Hunting Secrets!” to successfully conduct a paranormal investigation. Since he is so renowned and famous in the field, I think that his insights are extremely valuable. His knowledge of the paranormal and of proper ghost hunting etiquette extends beyond that of most, and anything he has to say about the field can and should be valued as extremely credible. He is one of my greatest influences in the field, and one of the first influences to really and truly get me interested in pursuing the paranormal.

I would love for you, my dear readers, to take in what he has to offer.

To read the post, please visit: http://grantswilson.com/top-ghost-hunting-secrets-2/

Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters
Acclaimed ghost hunter Grant Wilson