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Hello friends!

So I tend not to talk about myself to much on here. I always prefer to educate, offer different perspectives, or just simply tell you things that are happening in the paranormal field. I have never truly let you know about any of my own personal experiences, and have only briefly discussed how my love of the paranormal was sparked in the first place.

Well, wonder no more! (Even if you weren’t even that interested in the first place.) Recently, I was profiled for my university’s newspaper, The Hawk; talking all about my love of the paranormal.

In it, I talk about the first time I stumbled upon Ghost Hunters, my first “true” paranormal experience, and my first time at Eastern State Penitentiary.

I would love for you to get to know me better, and maybe my experiences will interest and inspire you. Below, I have posted the link to the PDF file of the full paper, and my story is on page 8.


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At Eastern Sate Penitentiary, June 2014
At Eastern Sate Penitentiary, June 2014

“Is This a Ghost?”

How well do you think you know your paranormal phenomena?

Buzzfeed poses this question in its newest ‘quiz,’ “Is This a Ghost?” wherein they provide roughly ten photos of supposed ‘orb activity,’ asking participants to say “yes” or “no.”


I won’t give away any spoilers, because you can just take the quiz for yourself here. But if you’re curious, I got a 10/10…

And, if you’re also curious about how I actually feel about the belief in ‘orb activity’ itself, you can read this post that I made last April about the phenomena (hint–I’m not particularly a huge fan of it).

So how did you fare on the quiz? 10/10?

(Boy, do I hope so).

The Realest Fake Twitter: UberGhostFacts

I love Twitter. In just 140 characters or less, one can express themselves in often more sincere, real ways than on Facebook or on a blog.

Personally, I follow over 900 different Twitter accounts. They range from celebrities, to friends, to Internet personalities, and anything in between. Recently, I’ve started taking a liking to “parody” accounts, and accounts that often make stupid–yet somehow hilariously genuine—tweets that joke about and often make fun of anything and everything in modern life.

The other night, I discovered an account through a friend of mine that I follow. That account? UberGhostFacts.


When I clicked through to the profile, I instantly loved it. The “facts” that are tweeted about aren’t necessarily “true,” but they aren’t particularly false, either. It’s a beautiful balance of hilariously dry statements (e.g.: “ghosts don’t care about the superbowl”) to absolutely ridiculous declarations (e.g., “ghosts are going to suck on your toes in bed;” “ghosts love pornography and aren’t sorry about all the ectoplasm on your laptop”). The account tends to post sporadically, but it is nonetheless enjoyable. Scrolling through this laconically humorous profile will surely put a smile on your face. And if it doesn’t… I’m so sorry for your sense of humor.

Below, I have posted a mere sampling of some of my favorite tweets UberGhostFacts has offered. For total enjoyment, I highly advise you to check out the account as soon as you possibly can.

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As an avid YouTube follower, I am subscribed to more than 120 different accounts of varying genres, styles, and accents (I sort of have an intense affinity for the extremely “British YouTuber” craze that has ultimately taken over the Internet).

One channel that I’ve been loyally subscribed to for more than a year now is Canadian website This channel, which boasts over six million subscribers, is most well-known for their “Top Ten” countdown videos. Ranging anywhere from 6 1/2 to 15 minutes long and covering nearly every topic imaginable, every single one of their videos averages at least one hundred thousand views or more. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

So, while I was scrolling through my feed yesterday, I noticed a video that immediately piqued my interest: “Top Ten Most Haunted Places in the World.” How awesome! I need to see this! As I clicked on the ten-minute video, I eagerly watched to see which locale would inevitably nab the number-one spot…


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Lazy Sunday: What to Watch on Netflix

If you’re like me, then you love a good Netflix binge. If you’re also like me, then you also like doing absolutely nothing on Sundays; “me days,” as I like to call them. What’s better than putting these two together?! (Not much.)

So, when you do get to curl up with Netflix for a bit (or the whole day), what do you typically watch? Movies; 90s sitcoms (hell-o, ‘Friends!’); documentaries? Well, have you ever considered any of those to be about the paranormal? Sure, it certainly doesn’t seem like a fantastic go-to choice, but you’d be surprised what you can find on this treasure trove of a site.

Check out some of my picks for a paranormal-filled Netflix binge below…

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Partying All The Way to The Afterlife: 3 Must-See Haunted Locations in Las Vegas

When you think of traveling to Las Vegas, what’s the first thing you typically think of? Gambling, shows, strip clubs; The Hangover? Well, what about ghosts? Certainly, it doesn’t seem out of the question that this old, history-filled desert town is brimming with paranormal happenings.

Las Vegas has undeniably become my second home. Since my dad moved out to Vegas in 2008, I’ve visited about twenty times (and counting). So, naturally, it makes sense that I make note of some of Sin City’s most notable paranormal attractions, right? For this, I will primarily make note of three supposedly haunted locales in and around the city…


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Expedition Unknown: Josh Gates’ Newest Adventure

Hello friends!

Goodness, it’s certainly been awhile since I’ve posted last! (About 8 months, to be exact….yikes.) HOWEVER, it is now a new year (Happy 2015!), a fresh start, a clean slate, etc… Regardless, it’s about damn time I reboot this old thing again!

And what better way to start of a new year than with a brand new paranormal television show?! That’s right, folks, world traveler extraordinaire¬† (and one of my personal favorite TV personalities) Josh Gates has a brand new show! It’s called Expedition Unknown and, if you’re familiar with his old show Destination Truth, follows a similar concept of exploring mysteries across the globe. The show premiered last night at 9pm on Travel Channel, and it certainly did not disappoint. The show devoted two hours in its premiere episode traveling thousands of miles in search of cracking the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Read below for my full commentary on tonight’s premiere episode…

Josh Gates, World Traveler and Paranormal Investigator
Josh Gates, World Traveler and Mystery Explorer

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Spectral Text: Ghost Hunting by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, ft. Michael J. Friedman

Hello, friends!

By now, I’ve discussed a lot of different aspects of the paranormal. Television, locations, and even equipment have all been mentioned at some point or another in my posts. One part I’ve failed to mention thus far, however, is that of books. Yes, actual books.

I have read my fair share of books about the paranormal, and I felt like I should share some of my favorites with you! I’ll be making a couple posts about different books I’ve read and recommend.

SO, firstly, I would like to tell you about one of the first ghostly books I picked up: Ghost Hunting by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, with Michael Jan Friedman.


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Hashima Island: A Forgotten World

Hello my spooky friends!

I know, I know, it’s been quite a long time since I last posted… (Nearly two weeks! Yikes!) and for that I am deeply sorry. I’ve been keeping up with other things and haven’t really been able to post (however that shouldn’t really be an excuse…)

Nonetheless! Recently, I learned about a fascinating location in Japan known as ‘Hashima Island’ thanks to my friend Zoe, and I really felt it should be shared with you, my dear readers…

Hashima Island, Japan
Hashima Island, Japan

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Ghosts? Dust? Bugs? — Debunking Orb Activity

Every paranormal investigator dreams of capturing concrete evidence of a spirit. They will use a slew of equipment to try and catch something, from aforementioned technology such as EMF detectors and K-II meters, to simpler pieces like a digital camera.

Every single ghost hunter has used a digital camera in an investigation. It’s the easiest and quickest way to obtain evidence, and getting hold of a camera is pretty simple. Usually, when an investigator takes a photo, there won’t be anything significant. Some photos, however, have been known to yield some interesting phenomena upon examination. This phenomena, known as “orbs,” are little floating balls of light. Many people believe them to be significantly paranormal, and will often use a photo with an “orb” as evidence. But is it really? Can we base a paranormal encounter simply on a mysterious bright circle? Continue reading Ghosts? Dust? Bugs? — Debunking Orb Activity

To the phenomena – Discovering the Other Side